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November Meeting Announcements

March 1-4, 2021 The 26th International Conference on...

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Hypercalcemia in a Patient With Granulomatosis With Polyangiitis

A 48-year-old man presented to the rheumatology...

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This Month's Highlights

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COVID-19 Infection in ESKD: Findings from a Prospective Disease Surveillance Program at Dialysis Facilities in New York City and Long Island

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Mechanisms Regulating Muscle Protein Synthesis in CKD


CKD induces loss...

Nephron Progenitor Maintenance Is Controlled through Fibroblast Growth Factors and Sprouty1 Interaction


Nephron progenitor...

Hnf4a Is Required for the Development of Cdh6-Expressing Progenitors into Proximal Tubules in the Mouse Kidney


Hepatocyte NF 4α (...

Live Imaging of Monocyte Subsets in Immune Complex-Mediated Glomerulonephritis Reveals Distinct Phenotypes and Effector Functions


Immune complexes...

Authors Reply

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Leveraging the Capabilities of the FDAs Sentinel System To Improve Kidney Care

The Sentinel System is a national electronic...

The Mechanism of Kidney Disease Due to APOL1 Risk Variants

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Binder Blunder in CKD

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Much to Fear about MUCH

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A New Dimension to the Mechanisms Causing Muscle Loss in CKD

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Fibrosis and Immune Cell Infiltration Are Separate Events Regulated by Cell-Specific Receptor Notch3 Expression


Kidney injuries...